Shipping & Returns


We ship to most countries in the world. Your item is carefully and securely packed in its actual box. The box is further secured in a strong non-collapsing cardboard box with layers of impact-proof bubble wrap before shipping. Orders will be shipped out in 1-2 working days, subjected to product availability. Estimated time of delivery depends on which mode of delivery selected. Usually, expedited shipping will require 3-5 days, and registered mail will take 2-3 weeks of delivery time instead.

Buyers will be charged 10% restocking fee for returned shipments of unclaimed packages as it is unfair for us, seller, to bear the costs of both sending and return shipments.

Product Availability

We cannot guarantee product availability; nonetheless, these items may not be available for immediate delivery. We reserve the right, without liability or prior notice, to revise, discontinue, or cease to make available any or all products or to cancel any order. If there is any revision, discontinuance, or cessation, we may recommend products which have substantially similar functionality and specifications to the products ordered or cancel your order.

Exchange Policy

We will accept exchange of item if you are not satisfied with your choice of watch. Shipping fees will be charged to the buyer both ways. We can offer you any other watch of your choice with the price difference topped up or refunded.We are not responsible for any return/exchange shipping mishaps. We do not accept faulty watches for return or exchange. All our watches are checked before sending to you. If you watch is not working as expected please drop us an email first.

Returns Policy

Our return policy only applies to watches and does not include accessories or straps.

Every order that has been placed with us goes through three stages of thorough checks from our team to ensure that the watches are shipped in pristine quality without scratches or physical and mechanical defects. The watches are tested with our WITSCHI timegrapher for accuracy before shipping out. Our watches are also packed with bubble wrap and sturdy boxes to prevent damage during transit.

We do allow return if the item you received is defective or the incorrect item received. It must be reported to us within 24 hours or the next working day from the delivery day. Customers have up to 14 days to return the watches after reporting to us.


Refunds are only allowed in the case where we have checked the watch and confirm that it is defective or incorrect item sent out. This does not include accuracy as we have tested our watches before shipping it out and accuracy in mechanical watches can be affected by many external factors. Please refer to the section of Accuracy for Automatic Watches.

Returns Terms and condition

  • Proof of purchase with original box/documentation and packaging 
  • Watches must be returned in original condition without signs of being worn.
  • We do not allow returns of watches that shows signs of being worn or altered. Straps/bracelets must not have been removed or resized/altered.
  • Do not remove any plastic coverings from the watch, bracelet, buckle, hang tags until you know you will keep the watch. 
  • Original tags, packaging and other accessories (extra straps) that are received with the order must be returned
  • Returns must be packaged in bubble wrap and packed properly to ensure that the watch is well protected during postage back to us.

Buyers will have to pay for the shipping, handling and packing costs. Buyers should consider insurance as the watch will be your responsibility till, we receive them. In the case of loss or damage of parcels while returning to us, buyers will be fully responsible for it.
For returned item that was shipped for free, the original amount saved by free shipping provided by us (the actual shipping cost is about USD $20-USD $30) will be deducted from the refund.
In the case of defective or incorrect merchandise, clients must follow the instructions above. We reserves the right to request photographic support regarding defective or incorrect merchandise before authorizing a return for full reimbursement of shipping and import fees.
When item arrives at our warehouse in an unsellable condition, we reserve the right to refuse a refund on the item or deduct 30% of the original selling price from the refund amount.
We reserve the right to refuse returns that are unauthorized or have been returned to us without informing us. If an unauthorized return is accepted, we will deduct a 10% administrative/re-stocking fee from the refund.

Returns Not Accepted
We will not accept returned merchandise that does not follow the terms and conditions of the returns policy. Such items will be returned to the sender at the original shipment address.
- Watches that has their original wrappings removed, bracelet sized, damaged or worn are not eligible for return.

Typographical Errors

We strive to make every piece of information as accurately as we could. In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to typographical error or error in pricing or product information, we shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for products listed at the incorrect price. We shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card has been charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, we shall immediately issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge.

Duty and Tax

Import duties and local taxes are NOT included in the quoted price of goods being delivered to any location. You will be responsible for the paying of any and all import duties and local taxes including any administration charges upon receipt. You will also be responsible for clearance of the items by providing all necessary information to the customs if they require it. We are not responsible for any issues whatsoever caused by the customs of your country.

Accuracy of Automatic Mechanical Watches

Automatic mechanical watches have a mechanism that is power generated because the mainspring unwinds, and small metal parts that works together to provide accuracy. The delicate metal parts of a mechanical watch are easily influenced by environmental factors like temperature, gravity, and shock. Also, movements of the arm and winding state during daily use may influence gain or loss of the watch.

Temperature : don't place the watch wherever the temperature is very low / high (less than 5ºC or over 35ºC)
Mechanical watch parts are meta and may expand and contract with temperature changes and influence the accuracy of watches. Normally, underneath high temperatures, a watch tends to lose time, and underneath low temperatures, it tends to gain time.
Magnetism : Keep the watch far from magnetic fields
It is necessary to not leave a watch near magnetic objects for an extended time especially, cell phones, tv and computer speakers, magnetic necklaces, purse clasps, electrical razors, hairdryer, magnetic elements of refrigerators square measure all magnetic. One such example are leaving your watch near your phone while you sleep at night or walking pass security gantry. 
Shock : 
We advise that remove your watch before taking part in any sport that involves robust impacts. Any direct impact to your wrists will have an effect on the tiny metal elements within the watch, resulting in a change in watch accuracy. Dropping the watch can also cause injury.
Position : The accuracy of the watch is laid low with its position once it's not worn on the articulatio plana.
The rates of loss / gain of mechanical watches vary slightly depending on the positions they're place in, like being placed horizontally with its face or back turned up, or being arranged on its 12:00 / 3:00 / 6:00 / 9:00 facet severally. This is due to gravity affecting the movements of the watch inside. Experiment with storing the watch in numerous positions for seven to eight hours once not in use and check the loss / gain of every position. By storing the watch during a resting position that minimizes loss / gain you will counteract the loss/ gain that happens during the period whenwatch is being worn.

To improve the accuracy of a mechanical watch, it's advised that you simply wind up the mainspring on a daily basis, at a fixed time, even if the watch is a self- winding type. Do ensure not to overwind it.

Wind up your watch before you wear it
It is necessary that ample energy is supplied to every movement by the spring of the watch. The accuracy of a mechanical watch are more stable if it is wound sufficiently. If the spring unwinds causing the energy level to drop, the elements affecting accuracy becomes easily influenced by enviromental factor.

It is common for automatic watches to gain or lose time when they are new or not worn oftne. The watch will settle down to a more reasonable accuracy after being worn for a couple of months. If the watch lose or gain a few seconds per day, you can try this:

Lay the watch flat with the dial uppermost ( to gain a few seconds if it is slow) 
Lay the watch flat with the winding button downwards ( to lose a few seconds if it is fast)
Lay the watch verticlly with the winding button uppermost (to lose more seconds if it is too fast)