Seiko Kinetic watches

Seiko Kinetic watches

Seiko Kinetic watches. Seiko created a suite of kinetic movement watches that brings unique features to consumers. Some of the most notable are: Kinetic Perpetual, Kinetic Chronograph and Kinetic Direct Drive. As of 2007, over 8 million Seiko Kinetic watches have been sold from its first introduction in 1988.

Some models uses Seiko’s unique Kinetic Auto-relay technology. When the watch is not worn it still operates normally for up to 6 months when fully charged then it goes to sleep mode for up to 4 years. During that period, the accuracy remains and the calendar continues to show correct dates but the hands are not moving to conserve energy until the watch is put on again. Then the hands will automatically reset to the correct time.

Seiko Kinetic watches are high performance environment-friendly devices that provide long-lasting convenience to a generation of users. With Seiko Kinetic watches, you’ll never have to worry about accuracy again.

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