Casio Sheen

Casio Sheen

Casio Sheen watch is one of their most well-known current items which are in significant market demand. They've got completely new selection of metal timepieces particularly for the ladies with a glistering dial. It makes you shine your way in almost any event with the glamorous chimera of Milky Way and shooting stars. You would shine, shimmer and beam with self confidence on this little accessory.

Casio Sheen watch collection has two layer dial that's carefully cut to gleam at night. The watches are exquisite and appear wonderful when enhanced with a pleasant black dress for a celebration. To convey a much more 'universal' look, they've tried to produce the wonderful shooting star making its approach in the Milky Way with a small star at the tip. The star rotates once every one hour to provide you a magical moment. The crown of the watch is produced with a unique Swarovski element which generates the luster as well as sparkle. Best of all, there are a few Casio watches from this league with sun as well as moon motifs to provide you a great impression of night and day. You don't need to even worry about saving it mainly for preferred days, because this watch is actually water-resistant and ideal for everyday usage.

These watches are available in ceramic, gold and classic designs. There are also other varieties such as chronograph and multi-hand models for women on the go.

Doll up your petite and wonderful wrist with Casio Sheen and see the magic!

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