Casio Edifice watches

Casio Edifice watches

Casio edifice watches are a collection of dynamic timekeeping devices that has sporty designs and intricately detailed watch face. They feature a wide array of functionalities that evolve through the power of electronics. These watches hold four unique Casio technologies: Multi Mission drive integrated to add multi-functionality in a single hand; Smart Access that enables different function display through crown switching feature; Tough Solar charging system that converts light energy to power the watch; and Wave Ceptor that utilizes high-sensitvity reception to automatically correct time from transmitted time-calibration signals world-wide.

The Edifice collection consists of three line of watches, those that can be linked with smart phone, racing line, and advanced marine line for divers. Each line has different elements that make them stand out among other watches in the market.

Casio edifice watches are sports devices fully packed with special features and high durability. These are available in flexible designs that you can take possibly anywhere. Grab one now, and be sure to check your time with a Casio edifice!

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