Review of Casio Rangeman GW-9400 line

Published by Adrian4466 on 1st Jan 1970

Casio, a company which has always be known to produce great product, created a new line of watches named Casio Rangeman GW-9400. This 2013 released line of watches has extreme durability and amazing function that will most certainly come handy when you are let’s say hiking or snorkeling. The reason for this possibility is due to the fact that Casio’s GW-9400 is highly resistant to many harsh conditions. For example, a sudden impact on the watch will do it virtually no damage thanks to its G-Shock functionality.

Aside from highly decreasing the risk of damaging the timepiece due to sudden impact, other resistance of the watch allow them to withstand many other things. With its scratch resistant mineral glass, you maybe unintentionally scratch the glass of your timepiece and without leaving a distinct scratch mark on the glass. The timepiece is also water resistant and will resist water up to a depth of 20 bar or 200 meter. The watch is also capable of withstand 14 to 114°f (-10 to 60°C) which make it ideal for hiking or camping in winter if your body itself can handle it. All these resistances make the watch the ideal wrist buddy when you go have a sport be it on land or aquatic.

These watches are essentially hybrids of four devices, a watch, clearly, barometer, thermometer and a compass. This watch can tell the time, measure the atmosphere pressure, the temperature and even tell you your direction with a digital compass. What more can you ask for? Well, there are more.

The watches has a rechargeable battery with the help of some light. This is a great convenience as gone the days will be when you have to move your restless leg to the store to have a new battery replacement. How cumbersome. The watches also feature a battery level indicator.

This is just the tip of the ice berg as to what the watch is truly capable of. The watch has 5 alarms including one which is snooze. It has the 31 time zones (48 cities plus Coordinated Universal Time) and has full LED lights which can let you know the time even if your environment is deprived of light.

Now, for the number of models. There are two, GW-9400-1 and GW-9400-3. They have the absolutely same performance, design, resistance, functions and are identical for the most part. However, one area differs, the color.

Casio G-Shock Watch GW-9400-1DR
Casio G-Shock Watch GW-9400-1DR









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The GW-9400-1 has a black overall and a hint of white. This mixture of color is appealing to the eyes.

Casio GW-9400-3DR
Casio GW-9400-3DR









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The GW-9400-3 has a great look with its dark military green along with a tiny bit of also kind of darkish yellow that complements the dark green.

All in all, I would consider the Casio G-Shock Rangeman mens GW-9400 line of watches as one of the thousands of great work by Casio. If you just so happen to not have a watch and is looking for one, you might want to pick one of the two GW-9400 models.


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