Casio G-Shock Mens Watch GA-100CS

Published by Adrian4466 on 1st Jan 1970

You may be an intrepid explorer venturing a place where you are least familiar, you may be a mountain climber climbing the lofty mountains to erect your flag on top of it and make your country proud or perhaps a person who just wants to tell the time with the shaking of their wrist, the sturdy Casio G-Shock Mens Watch GA-100CS remains a great choice. This is a mens line of timepieces that once again like many other times show why Casio remains as one of the biggest cooperation in the watch industry. The timepieces have great performance, durability with its G-Shock which enables the watch to withstand falling damage with the exception of the example mentioned earlier, if you are climbing a mountain and you dropped your watch, don’t bother checking if it happens at the peak of the mountain, it is doomed. What I meant when I gave the example was that if your watch were to get scratched by a sharp rock, chances are your watch’s protective glass is still in pristine condition. It is also water resistant up to 200m enabling activities like sailing, scuba diving and of course swimming. Hence the watch is perfect for aquatic activities.

Functionalities and style

You can enjoy sport activities like biking or sprinting while still knowing your GA-100CS watch is protect by a scratch resistant mineral glass. With an LED light that comes on automatically, you can easily see what time it is even if it’s completely dark out.

With this watch, you’ll have a stopwatch accurate to 1/1000th of a second, a countdown timer featuring measuring units of 1second, and a range of 24 hours. The auto-calendar is pre-programmed until 2099, while the battery life of 2+ year operated by CR1220 that shouldn’t need replacement. The watch features 29 time zones or 48 cities along with the Coordinated Universal Time. It also have an accuracy of ±15 secs per month. The clock of the watch uses quartz movement.

This watches as you may guess are totally unsuitable for formal settings with the exception of GA-100CS-7ADR. The best place for these watches would be when there is a surprise or something along those lines.


All the models in the series share the same functions and features, the only difference are the color, the design and the overall look. There are a number of different models but we shall focus on two models namely, the GA-100CS-7ADR and the GA-100CS-9ADR. Let’s first look at their similarities. They have the share the same design unique in the line of watches and hence, the same overall look what differs is like what I mentioned earlier, the colors.

Casio G-Shock GA-100CS-7ADR
Casio G-Shock GA-100CS-7ADR









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As I mentioned above, this is the one watch which I feel suits best in formal setting, mainly due to its black face and white bezel.

Casio GA-100CS-9ADR
Casio GA-100CS-9ADR









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As for GA-100CS-9ADR, you don’t want to wear this in a major press conference while you are wearing black and white suit. The red strap, yellow bezel, white face and a hint of red on the face to enhance the beauty is just too contrasting with the black and white. However, you can most definitely use it on an informal party or an informal vacation and things along those lines.

To put it simply, the Casio G-Shock Mens Watch GA-100CS watches are simply amazing. It has some great color combinations that might not blend in formal settings very well but is perfect in informal settings. Basically, if you wish for a new watch, get this, it has high performance and is also relatively affordable.



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