Casio G-Shock Dual Time GD-110 Review

Published by Adrian4466 on 1st Jan 1970

The Casio G-Shock Dual Time GD-110 series is a product of Casio which translates to one thing. The watches are awesome and they are awesome. They have many great features that certainly please old fans of Casio while turning on for new ones. Formal or informal situations, this line of watches suits them all. Timepieces from the line includes GD-110-1DR, GD-110-2DR and GD-110-7DR. Let’s run through the various models and the features along with specifications.
•Shock resistant
•Has a Lap memory of 60
•Designed with 200M water resistance
•Has operational button tone on/off
•Hourly time signal
•Has a measuring capacity of 99:59’59.99
•Auto LED back light
•Full auto calendar programmed to show until the year 2099
•Shown both 12 and 24-hour formats
•Accuracy range of ± 15 seconds monthly
•Countdown timer
•Measuring unit of 1 second
•Countdown ranges of 24 hours
•Measuring modes are in terms of time elapsed, the time of lap, range time
•1 per 100 seconds stopwatch
•Two multiple functioned alarms and one snooze alarm

•It is white in color
•It has dimensions of 55.0 by 51.2 by 17.4mm and weighs 73g.
•It has digital display mode
•A Case diameter of 5.5 centimeters.
•The thickness of the case is 18 millimeters
•Grey dial color
•Band material- resin white band
•Shape -Round
•CR2025 with a battery life of 7 years
•Weighs 73g                                                                                                                                                                               •Dimensions- 55mm by 51.2mm by 17.4mm
You watch aficionados and fanatics most definitely know about this, but if you are new, let me fill you up a little. All models in the line of timepieces are identical in terms of specifications, features and things along those line. What differs, is slight tweaks, especially with regards to color. Enough of general knowledge, let’s run through some of the various models

Casio Watch GD-110-1DR
Casio Watch GD-110-1DR

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First off, we have GD-110-1DR. It is black in color and near the face is some greyish white that perfectly blend with the black.

Casio GD-110-2DR
Casio GD-110-2DR

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Next, we have GD-110-2DR. It has an overall blue finish and a hint of black to give it a better aesthetic.

Casio GD-110-7DR
Casio GD-110-7DR

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Last but not least, we have GD-110-7DR which in other words the opposite of GD-110-1DR. It is exactly the same as GD-110-1DR just that the color swapped which means the black in the former is white in the latter and vice versa. Just that this time the white in GD-110-7DR is way more whitish than that of its counterpart.


So that is it. This line of Casio watches is once again amazing. Let’s be honest, when did Casio make a bad watch and thus, the Casio G-Shock Dual Time GD-110 line of timepieces follows that trend. Anyway, thanks for your kind attention.


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